Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'tinyurl' mean?

In order to minimise the size of the SMS you receive and retain confidentiality, we have hidden all the links to your individual survey responses using a web service called tinyurl.

When will I receive my daily SMS's?

You will receive an SMS daily at 10am with a link to complete your survey. If you do not complete it by 8pm, you will receive a reminder SMS. The next day you will receive an SMS with a NEW survey.

What happens if I miss a survey or complete the same one twice?

If you miss a survey, it will not affect your trial participation. We will just not have your information for that day. Please do not go back and complete missed surveys. To avoid this, try to remember to delete your daily SMS at the end of each day. If you accidentally complete the same one twice, we will only use the LAST completed survey for that day.

What happens to my study participation if I stop breastfeeding?

If you stop breastfeeding within the first 8 weeks after birth, you will continue to receive the daily and weekly surveys. It is important that you continue to complete them. Unfortunately we are unable to change our daily questionnaires to delete the question about breastfeeding once you have responded ‘no’. Please continue to respond to the questionnaires and if you have already given a reason for stopping, just put an ‘x’ in the answer space.

Why do I keep receiving a ‘disconnected’ message when I try to ring the APProve number?

The mobile number is a TEXT number only. The Trial Coordinator will receive an email when you have sent a text and will respond accordingly. Please use the land line: 9462 9796 to contact someone directly and leave a message if there is no answer. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Who can I contact if I am having breastfeeding problems?

The APProve team can not give out any medical and/or breastfeeding advice. It is important that you contact your doctor or designated lactation consultant or midwife if you are experiencing any breastfeeding difficulties or health concerns. You may also contact the Australian Breastfeeding Association on 1800 686 268 for 24 hour breastfeeding support.

My phone has a small screen and it is sometimes difficult to read the entire question.

It can be helpful to complete the surveys with your phone turned sideways, allowing you to see longer sentences and responses in each row.

What if I get interrupted in the middle of a survey?

It’s important that you try to complete each survey in one sitting. If you navigate away from the screen for more than a few minutes before clicking 'done', you will still be able to complete the survey. If for any reason you log out and return, using the same SMS link, you will have to restart the survey from the beginning. You must click ‘done’ to submit the survey.

I received an error message on a survey and could not finish it. What should I do?

Occasionally there are glitches in the system. If you are sure you have answered each question correctly, then please log out and restart the survey using the SMS link. Please contact us by return SMS to let us know if you experience any problems with the system.

I accidentally made a mistake in answering a survey question and can’t go back to the previous page to change it.

If you have made an error and there is no 'previous' button, close the page, go back to your SMS and reclick the link to restart the survey. This is a fault in the survey system which we cannot amend.